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Acme - …To Reduce The Choir To One Soloist

10/06/2010 by Hardcore

"Acme was a short-lived but highly regarded metallic hardcore act from Germany that formed in 1991 and called it quits in 1995, basically releasing just one 7" and a few compilation tracks for a total of just nine songs in around 23 minutes – all of which were collected on one CD, "…To Reduce the Choir to One Soloist", by Edison Recordings in 1996. And really it's just eight different songs (one track is a live recording of two songs that appear on the disc in alternate form), which is all too little recorded output from such an outstanding and influential band. From what I can tell not much is known about Acme, and to be honest with you I never did much investigating back in the day either. I bought this CD and that was all I fucking needed to know! I don't know if it's because the band was ahead of their time or what, but I think this material actually sounds better today than it did in the late-90's after the discography's release. Last summer I pulled this CD out for the first time in a good while and was kicking myself for not revisiting it more often over the years. Every song is just an intense blast that perfectly balances fast, chaotic riffing and relentless, over the top vocals with grinding midpaced rhythms and wicked discordant textures that lend a darker feeling to the base aggression of the material. Opener "Blind" is an absolute scorcher – the kind of song whose attack makes you want to drive straight into a fuckin' wall at top speed. What can I say? If you're familiar with this band, you probably love 'em, and if you've never heard 'em before you need to check this shit out immediately to hear for yourself how devastating they can be:"

Hardcore Music
Artist: Acme
Album: …To Reduce The Choir To One Soloist
Year: 1996
Genre: Hardcore/Metal
Country: Germany
Quality: V0


01 Blind
02 Attempt
03 Injection
04 Ordinary
05 Cathode
06 Basterdiser
07 Repress
08 Attempt
09 Repress



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