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Eye Of Judgement - Before The Judgement

12/12/2008 by Hardcore

Eye of Judgement is a legion. It is a soldier in a war against this hypocritical and corrupt society. Our hatred for mankind is fueled by the destruction we see around us and the utter indifference of man towards it. We feel no bond with the rest of this country, we feel no bond with the rest of society and we feel no bond with the rest of mankind. Eye of Judgement is the embodiment of this alienation and hatred. It is a tool to severe the bonds that tie us to our ignorant kin.

Man’s culture is based on the destruction of the land we live on and intoxication to forget that we are digging our own graves. We abhor this weakness of man. The hardcore scene was once a counterculture for people that were willing to make a change, but it has been degraded to become nothing more than a poor reflection of the mainstream. The worst part is that no-one cares and that bands that try to make a difference are even mocked and cast out. The aim of this band is not to revive old times but to push onward to a new era. An era of equality and harmony, either with or without man.

Eye of judgement catalyses this anger through a style of metallic hardcore comparable to hate-fuelled bands such as Integrity, All Out War and Slapshot - the sound of complete annihilation.

Eye of Judgement adheres to a vegan Straight Edge philosophy, which is obvious in our lyrics that deal with veganism, Straight Edge and our contempt of mankind. Veganism is the only morally acceptable way of living on earth in the numbers that the human population has grown to. We despise the way that humans treat animals in the exploitative industries of food and fur and we despise the lack of strength and willpower people have to change their habits. Man is not the master of the earth and we support all terrorist activities that prevent any further destruction of innocent lives as well as any other campaigns to put a halt to these crimes against living creatures. Straight Edge our resistance. We reject the culture of self-denial and escapism. The truth is in the real world and running away from that is weakness.

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Band : Eye Of Judgement
Album : Before The Judgement
Genre : Hardcore/Metal
Year : 2007


01. The Hunt
02. The Kids Will Have Their Say
03. Too Drunk To Fuck
04. Politics
05. Consume And Kill
06. Deliverance


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